Custom Logo Design Service

Custom Company  Logo Design Service

Logo Design for a company is an important things , it offers a direct and almost instantaneous link to your business, and all of the positive emotions associated with it. That is why when you see golden arches, you can almost smell french fries or when you see that ubiquitous green mermaid, you can taste your morning cup of coffee. Read the rest of this entry »

Car Companies Logo Design Ideas

Car Company Logo Design Ideas

bmw logo 300x300 Car Companies Logo Design Ideas Read the rest of this entry »

Beverage Logo Design Ideas

Beverage Logo Design Ideas

gatoradeclr 300x223 Beverage Logo Design Ideas Read the rest of this entry »

Logo design process

Logo for luxury home perfumes e-shop. Translation of the name is World of home perfumes (Sv?t bytových v?ní in Czech langage).
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Beyond the logo – Branding through identity design

The One Centre’s Executive Creative Director, Darren Glindemann, talks about creating identities that transcended names, logos and colour palettes by using multi-sensory elements.
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